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Have a question? Chances are I might have it covered in the frequently asked questions below! 

  • How do I hang my wreath?
    There are a few methods I recommend using for hanging your Artificial Hannah wreaths - 1. Use a large Command Hook - These do not mark doors and can hold up to 2kg. 2. Over the door hook. 3. Using a long piece of ribbon, secure this to the inside of your door (usually by the letterbox) and position outside over your door. Please be mindful of windy weather causing the wreath to swing using this method.
  • Are the wreaths suitable for outdoor use?
    Yes! All materials used in Artificial Hannah wreaths are of the highest quality and are suitable for external use to add that wow factor to your door! We do however recommend the following - If you have a south facing house that gets lots of sunlight I recommend using a weather-proofing spray for extra protection to prevent your wreath from fading. In extreme bad weather it's recommended that you bring your wreath indoors. In freezing conditions sometimes the berries on your wreath can 'pop'! Bring your wreaths indoors during cold snaps to prevent this.
  • How often do you restock wreaths?
    I don't restock, I make new, one of a kind wreaths every day! I aim to upload at least 3 times a week and announcements are made via my socials. Wreaths are first come, first served and cannot be held.
  • How do I store my wreath?
    When you're ready to move onto the next season and display the next season's Artificial Hannah wreath, I recommend storing your wreath in a Wreath Storage Bag (Amazon). Alternatively a cardboard box will be sufficient. Keep the box your wreath was supplied in! Store your wreath in a cool, dry environment.
  • Do you deliver outside of the UK?
    Unfortunately this is not a service I am offering yet. Keep your eyes peeled, hopefully this will change soon!
  • Do you do weddings?
    Absolutely! I love weddings! Because of demand I can only do a limited amount of weddings a year. Get in touch via email at so we can discuss your ideas for your big day!
  • What's the biggest size wreath you can make?
    1 meter! These oversized, statement wreaths are perfect for double doors, stable doors, walls, weddings and more!
  • Can you make me a custom wreath?
    I love making bespoke orders and tailoring wreaths to your design. I will announce via my socials when my books are open for bespoke orders. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • How do I stay up to date with everything Artificial Hannah?
    The best way to keep up to date with new releases, previews, sales, news and everything Artificial Hannah is to connect with me via my socials!
  • Are your flowers real or artificial?
    They may look real but all of the flowers used in my wreaths and stems are the highest quality silk, plastic, wax, wicker and willow.
  • Do you have a loyalty system or discount codes?
    I currently have a loyalty points system. For every pound you spend you earn 1 point. Once you reach 150 points you get a £10 voucher to spend on your next Artificial Hannah order. If a discount code is available it will be announced via my socials.
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